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The Roof Guru helps protect Worcester County, MA residents’ biggest investment

The Roof Guru repairs and replaces the roof of Worcester County, MA residents’ biggest investment: their homes. Learn more below.

Your home is a big investment
The Roof Guru knows your home is Worcester County, MA residents’ biggest investment. Not only is your home the place you and your loved ones call home and make cherished memories. It’s also one of your biggest purchases. And sitting on top of that: your roof.

A roof protects the things and people inside your home. If you start to notice signs of wear and tear on your roof, or if it gets damaged thanks to inclement weather, it’s important to replace or repair it quickly. Leaving a new roof to a later date can lead your investment vulnerable to other issues.

We provide local, customer centered service
If a new roof or roof repair is in your future, call The Roof Guru. Our team of professionals brings over 35 years of experience to the job, so you can trust it’s getting done right. Plus, we’re local so you don’t have to deal with big chains. Instead, you’ll get a team dedicated to leaving you 100 percent satisfied with your new roof.

What for signs of damage and aging which indicate it’s time for a fix
Many people aren’t sure when they should call us or how long they can anticipate their roof lasting. Most asphalt roofs last between 20 and 30 years, so knowing how old your roof is can help you anticipate when you may need to look at getting a new one.

Other signs of aging are curling or chipping shingles. If you notice many of your shingles curling up at the ends, or pieces breaking off, you roof is nearing the end of its like. Missing shingles are another warning sign it may be time to upgrade soon. If left uncorrected, multiple shingles peeling off can leave holes in your roof and expose your attic to weather and unwanted critters.

If your roof starts to bow or sag, be sure to contact us. Not only does that indicate the need for a new roof, it can compromise the structural safety of your home. Too much weight in the form of snow on the roof or something similar, could cause it to concave.

Lastly, watch for small granulates to show up in your gutters. Though many new shingles will put off some of these at first, it will stop shortly after they are put up. When your roof starts to get too old, however, you’ll notice these again, indicating it may be time to replace your roof.

The Roof Guru services Worcester County, MA
Worcester County, MA residents who need a roof replaced or repaired should contact The Roof Guru. Contact our team to set up a time for your free estimate today.

 The Roof Guru helps protect Worcester County, MA residents’ biggest investment

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